Poo, urine and toilet paper are the three things that belong in a toilet. Everything else should be thrown in the bin.

The three worst things to put in the toilet:

• Q-tip: Does not dissolve in water and will be stuck in the tubes.

• Wet wipes: Do not dissolve and become large balls that seal the pipes and destroy drainage pumps.

• Grease/oils: that are poured into a kitchen sink or in the toilet will solidify in the pipes and therefore seal pipes and destroy drainage pumps.

What can you do?

• Buy a small garbage bin for the waste in the bathroom and throw all garbage in the bin (q-tips, cotton pads, wet wipes, hair and more)
• Leftovers from food, grease or oil should be thrown in food waste. Use paper towels and wipe out boilers and pans, also toss this in the food waste. Large amounts of liquid fat/food waste should be put in a milk carton, and thrown in the residual waste.


For more information, see www.doguiden.no

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